For quick and easy price lists, menus, maps, guides and high impact marketing we supply a wide range of folded leaflet styles. For extra protection and durability, take advantage of our in-house finishing and add matt or gloss lamination.

We print an enormous amount of folded leaflets for every type of business and organisation you can think of. It might have something to do with our dependable quality and fast turnaround.

Don’t be constrained by a narrow range of standard leaflet templates. We print exactly what you ask for.  If you’re not sure what is the best fit for your requirement and would like a little advice, we can help you choose the best format, paper weight and print finish. 



  • Size does matter. If you want your leaflet to fit a standard dispenser it needs to be either A5 (can be folded down from A4 or A3) or DL size (1/3 A4 folded).

  • Don’t cut costs at the expense of results. If your paper choice is too thin you will end up with a floppy leaflet that, when displayed in a dispenser, will hide your message.

  • Heavier paper tends to signify higher quality, but if your leaflet is being hand delivered or mailed out be careful not to make it too heavy.

  • If your leaflet needs to be built to last make sure you ask for lamination. It will protect the print and add durability.

  • Standard leaflets are usually printed on 115gsm - 150gsm, so if you want to achieve a higher quality feel consider 150gsm - 170gsm. Also, bear in mind that lamination adds a layer to the paper so thinner stock will feel more substantial to touch.


Now, with our high-end Indigo digital press we can offer the kind of vibrant colours, vivid clarity and truly exceptional finished product that can only be beaten by our Heidelberg lithographic presses. An economic, high-quality solution ideal for exhibitions, small runs and emergency top-ups.

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