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28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?


Folded leaflets remain one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of advertising. They provide a great platform for companies to excite, attract and inform others about their business, products and services in a bitesize format that’s easily digestible.

As we all try to rebuild our businesses after Lockdown, we know the next steps aren't going to be easy for you. That's why we'd like to demonstrate our support the best way we making the task of organising your re-start leaflet printing as quick, easy and as affordable as possible.

If you're not sure what you're doing because the colleague who usually manages your menu printing or leaflet printing is on furlough - don't worry. We'll guide you through and help you get back to business. If you know what you need and just need a quick and easy service at a fair price, then we can take care of that too.

If your first print priority is leaflets or disposable menus, we have some delicious special leaflet prices for you.

If you’re using your leaflet as a mini-brochure, or want to extend its shelf life, matt or gloss lamination will not only protect solid colours from cracking across the folds, it will add a layer of protection that can also raise the perception of quality. Combining spot-gloss UV varnish with matt lamination is a great way to highlight logos, names or offers.

If you want to create something a little different that will make your leaflet more engaging and memorable, you could take advantage of our in-house die-cutting services. It costs a little more but teamed with the right design, a custom printed leaflet, produced to your exact requirements could deliver better results.


To ensure your leaflets have tight, clean folds we always crease paper stock of 170gsm or more before folding. Not all printers do that, so it is worth checking. The most popular paper weights are between 115gsm-150gsm. If you’re not sure which is best for your leaflet, ask and we’ll send you a paper sample pack of our house silk and gloss coated stock, or obtain other samples for you.

Naturally, you want consistent colour quality across your leaflets. At Bishops, all of our litho presses are market-leading Heidelberg presses, and five feature colour accurate Inpress Control for guaranteed consistency across print runs.


Another thing worth checking, especially with digitally printed leaflets, is the make and model of the printer being used. We’ve deliberately chosen the HP Indigo for its unrivalled intensity of colour. It’s the next best thing to litho or offset printing. Tourism leaflets for theme parks, museums and other attractions, and any other promotional leaflets rely on vivid colours and strong designs to attract visitors. Our growing digital print division means we can offer you great prices, fast turnaround and superb print leaflet quality even on the smallest of orders.

ACTIONABLE - unlike webmail and other forms of online advertising, leaflets require physical interaction to read. This means your leaflet has enough time to engage your reader and persuade them to take action.

AFFORDABLE - compared to other forms of advertising (TV, newspaper, online marketing), direct mailing is great for businesses just starting out or budgeting.

CUSTOMISABLE - we work with you to help print your leaflets to your exact requirements. Regardless of the stock, gsm or number, our mailing house is equipped to design and distribute as many flyers as your business requires.

INFORMATIVE - talk about your business and address your service or product in digestible and easy-to-read format. Often, people won’t want to read through mountains of text if they’re casually browsing at an event, but a well-designed leaflet may spark their interest. Keep the information short and simple, they want to know who you are, what your business does and how it can help them.

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The most popular leaflet style, alf fold leaflets feature a single, vertical, central fold to create 4 panels.


  • Simple to use and navigate
  • Easily customisable
  • Affordable Bite-size information and eye-catching headings


The ideal format for mini-brochures and newsletters, the most common is the tri-fold leaflet which features two parallel vertical folds to create 6 panels that fold inwards towards the centre. The exact number of panels though is up to you. Six, eight, ten? It’s a particularly versatile format, lending itself to image-based information that opens out to span more than one panel, as well as text.


  • Versatile design (suitable for a range of businesses)
  • Displaying statistics, infographics and image-based information
  • Plenty of room for content and imagery


A little more unusual, and therefore interesting, gate fold leaflets open from the centre, like double doors, to reveal a large central panel flanked by two half-width panels. You can have some fun with the cover design and copy to create something that entices readers to open and explore further.


  • Intriguing design is great for engaging readers
  • Ample space for displaying information and imagery


A Z-fold leaflet features at least 2 folds, which form the letter ‘z’ when opened out. Multiple Z folds are often referred to as ‘concertina’ or ‘accordion’ folds for obvious reasons. A single Z fold is a popular tri-fold leaflet and is commonly used for direct mail (fitting into a DL sized envelope for low-cost mailing), tourist attraction leaflets and in sports and leisure venues.


  • Displaying a wide range of information
  • Front page can be dedicated to business name, image or a call to action
  • The Z fold is ideal for display purposes (easily propped up)


Popular with tourist attractions, cross fold leaflets are ideal for location maps, guides and travel information, but also good if you need to display info-graphics or large diagrams.


  • Displaying a large image detailing your business’ main selling point
  • Fantastic for tourism-based businesses (maps, guides and travel information)



  • Size does matter. If you want your leaflet to fit a standard dispenser it needs to be either A5 (can be folded down from A4 or A3) or DL size (1/3 A4 folded).

  • Don’t cut costs at the expense of results. If your paper choice is too thin you will end up with a floppy leaflet that will obscure your front cover.

  • Heavier paper is associated with higher quality, but if your leaflet is being hand delivered or mailed out be careful not to make it too heavy. If you’re not sure, we can help you make the right choice.

  • If your leaflet needs to be durable, make sure you ask for lamination. It will protect the print and you’ll be able to wipe off some marks.

  • Standard leaflets are usually printed on 115gsm - 150gsm, so if you want to achieve a higher quality feel consider 150gsm - 170gsm. Also, bear in mind that lamination adds a layer to the paper so thinner stock will feel more substantial to touch if laminated.

  • Not all flyers and inserts are intended to be disposable. The more eye-catching design and interesting the print effects, the greater the likelihood they will be kept and shared. Metallic inks, die cutting and spot gloss UV lamination are some of the specialist finishes you could consider


We have B2 and B3 HP Indigo printers for the highest quality, fast leaflet printing. An economic, high-quality solution, ideal for exhibitions, small runs and emergency top-ups, our digitally printed folded leaflets give you a fast turnaround without compromising on quality.


Our approach is really simple. Consistent, high quality print (regardless of the size of your order), that is competitively priced and reliably delivered. When you need help with your artwork, print spec or advice on anything from paper stocks and finishes to your cheapest mailing options, we’re here to make it easy for you.

We invest a minimum of £2 million a year in our print and mailing business, which is now the largest B2 Heidelberg print operation in Europe. Size does have its advantages. Through us, you have access to 8 litho presses, 15 folders, a digital leaflet printing division and a mailing house. What’s more, we buy our house stock direct from the mill, which guarantees our paper supply, consistency of stock and our prices.

In our case, despite our scale, we still appreciate and value every order we receive. No job is too small and every job receives the same attention to detail, because we believe that all of our customers deserve the red carpet treatment.


Our advice is free and our team has a wealth of print and mailing expertise which we love to share. Our leaflet printing clients come from every business sector and include leading tourist attractions such as Paulton’s Park, Marwell Zoo, Army Flying Museum and Monkey Haven, and travel companies such as Cunard, Lucketts Travel and Stagecoach.

We’d love to help you get your message across and put your business on the map. Choose high-quality leaflet printing from Bishops Printers and transform your mailing campaign.