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28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?

Expert Digital Printing Services from Bishops Printers

At Bishop’s, our customers know that we’ll handle their digital printing requirements with care and dedication. We work with you to ensure that we exceed your expectations and deliver your print products at a consistently high level.

A common misconception is that all digital printing is the same, as most digital printing processes use dry toners - similar to your office printer - to produce your print. The result is usually dull, cheap-looking leaflets printed on low-quality paper.

Bishops, however, do things differently.

We use market-leading HP Indigo printers that use a wet toner, which allows us to create products that burst with colour and feel great in your hands. From versatile leaflets and flyers to stunning fashion magazines, all products are printed under one roof using HP’s ElectroInk technology.

To summarise the benefits of digital printing with Bishops:

  • Our HP Indigo printers, which offer superior colour quality
  • Full personalisation and customisation
  • Print cost-effectively, perfect for short runs of flyers or individual posters
  • Quick turnarounds
  • White label service for trade customers
  • Free delivery to our own mailing house
  • All work is expertly handled in-house

We guarantee quality, consistent printed paper stock

The key to any successful brochure, prospectus or catalogue is the impact of the images you use. Our house stock has been selected for its sharpness, whiteness and smoothness. It means we can consistently deliver the high-quality finish you’re looking for.


We can shrink wrap, polywrap, print your full colour envelopes, carrier sheets or labels, and we’ll save you money on your postage! It's so much easier when everything is all under one roof, and there are no delivery charges when we deliver print to our own mailing house.

Why not explore our direct mail, data and storage services and discover how much easier and cost-effective print and mailing can be.

More creative choice with Bishops Digital printing

With Bishops digital printing service you’re not limited to standard four colour, CMYK print. With our 7-colour digital printers you can introduce fluorescent inks, metallic ink, white ink and clear ink to transform your design and create something really special.

Our stocks and substrates

You also have a wider choice of paper stocks and substrates to choose from when opting for digital print. G.F Smith, Fedrigoni, Papago and Vanguard are just some of your options for fabulous coloured paper stocks, and textured papers.

*Be aware though that, while digital printing works well on most stocks, there are still some papers and print specifications that are better suited to offset printing. If you’re not sure, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Getting personal with your print

It’s now an undisputed fact that personalised marketing delivers a far higher return on investment than generic marketing. If you’ve built your customer personas, segmented your data and customise your messaging accordingly, why not take it a step further and personalise your print?

Simply adding a name, varying a picture, or changing a page within a brochure could make all the difference, and unlike offset printing it won’t affect the price.

The technical aspects of digital printing

With HP’s ElectroInk technology we can achieve a much greater density and intensity of colour than standard digital printers are able to. That’s because it suspends the colourants in liquid, directing the ink electronically using charged particles in the ink – clever!

In practical terms, it means that instead of the more usual 200% coverage, HP Indigos can reach beyond 400%. Now that’s impressive!

Another advantage of the digital printing process is that it transfers digital-based images directly onto the media substrate, so there is no need to manufacture aluminium printing plates as you do with offset printing. This reduces the set-up time between jobs, the cost, and the turnaround time.

Simply put, this means we’re able to print your products to a higher quality at a faster speed!

Get a Quote for Your Digital Printing

Our team are on hand to help with all your digital printing requirements. Either call us or send us an email via our quote page and we'll be happy to help with everything you need.

What we offer through digital printing

All products listed below are printed on our 7-colour HP Indigo printers:

Brochure printing

The pillar of our printing service, when it comes to brochure printing we take full advantage of our high-end HP Indigo B2 and B3 digital printers to ensure your brochures are printed to the highest quality. Choose from saddle-stitched or perfect bound.

Magazine printing

We make use of the best digital printing technology to deliver vibrant colours to both text and images. Magazines that combine both intense imagery and text will benefit from the capabilities of Bishops digital printing. We use wet ink toner, which does not rub off on your hands.

Programmes and Booklet printing

A programme or booklet is not just informational but a souvenir or memento of an experience. Digital printing will make the sensation of handling and reading programmes and booklets of a variety of sizes memorable and enjoyable. Printing text or imagery, even within a small area, is achievable using the HP ElectroInk technology we provide in our services.

Presentation folder printing

Our folders can be printed on our B2 machine, which enables us to print flat folders at affordable prices. An ideal solution for storing separate sheets and leaflets.

Most of our folder printing is bespoke to the customer's design, giving you complete freedom regarding pocket design and capacity. Additionally, we also offer 11 free folder templates, which will save you the cost of creating a bespoke die.

Leaflet printing

All leaflets printed on our HP Indigo printers ensure exceptional print quality and consistent results every time. From single to roll fold options, we can print flyers that provide something really special.

Flyers and insert printing

Marketing flyers can also benefit from digital printing as there is a wide range of paper stock available for a visually-enticing look. G.F Smith, Fedrigoni, Papago and Vanguard are just some of your options for fabulous coloured paper stocks and textured papers.

Most people choose A5 flyer sizes, but this is by no means compulsory and we can also die-cut your flyers on heavier paper stocks to create memorable and unique designs and shapes.

Menu printing

If you own a restaurant or are responsible for sourcing quality menus for hospitality, we can print menus for bars, restaurants, takeaways and more. We can create menus to suit your brand with a selection of fold types and sizes. The speed and cost of digital printing make it an excellent choice for a menu that changes frequently or is bespoke to an individual event.


At Bishop’s, our customers know that we’ll handle their digital printing requirements with care and dedication. We work with you to ensure that we exceed your expectations and deliver your print products at a consistently high level.