Whether you’re a startup looking to extend your reach or a large corporate requiring leaflets for an event, we can provide the solution. We print all types of business leaflets to get your brand noticed and your important information seen by the right people.

If you’re unsure on what type or size leaflet you require, no problem, we can help with that too. We can walk you through each step of our simple process, from choosing your paper stock and leaflet size to selecting a finish. If you don’t know where to start, we can help.

Take a look below at our fold types, sizes, and finishes for a better idea of how we can help your business.


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28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?



Half-fold leaflets are among our most popular leaflets for businesses. This fold type allows the leaflet to stand upright and features one vertical fold down the centre, creating four panels to display your images and information.


Roll fold leaflets feature two vertical parallel folds that fold inwards towards the centre of the leaflet. You can dedicate each panel to different content or use the open view to display images or maps that spread across the page. You can see why roll folds are great for mini brochures and business newsletters.


Unlike the majority of other folds, gate folds open from the centre and reveal a large centre panel with two smaller panels on either side. Gate folds are great for creating quirky and intriguing designs because you can play and experiment with the door or ‘gate’ design.

For example, the two panels could be designed to look like doors that open up and introduce the information inside. Alternatively, you cou have one large design that covers both panels for maximum impact.


Also known as a concertina or accordion fold, Z-folds sound and look exactly how you would imagine. Z-folds are able to stand upright in Z-like formation and they can feature up to 10 panels. Their design also fits into a DL-size envelope, ideal for cost-effective mailing.


If you run a travel or tourist guide business, cross folds are the ideal leaflet solution. Cross folds are essentially half folds, folded again! Ideal for displaying maps, guides, infographics or large images.


We can shrink wrap, polywrap, print your full-colour business leaflets and we’ll save you money on your postage! It's so much easier when everything is all under one roof, and there are no delivery charges when we deliver print to our own mailing house.

Why not explore our direct mail, data and storage services and discover how much easier and cost-effective print and mailing can be.


No problem. Our digital printing division uses high-end HP Indigo B2 and B3 digital printers to give you the kind of vibrant colours, vivid clarity and truly exceptional finished products that are usually only associated with offset litho printing. Our digitally printed brochures are the perfect high-quality solution for exhibitions, overseas meetings or emergency top-ups.


Our folded leaflets come in a variety of sizes and can be die-cut to suit your preferred size and shape.

However, one of the advantages of choosing Bishops Printers for your business leaflets is that you can have any size and fold of leaflet you want. Ours is a bespoke service, so we print to your exact requirements.

DL and A5 sizes are particularly popular with business leaflets as they are cost-effective and able to fit into standard envelopes for distribution.


The final stage of your business leaflet will be the finish you apply. We provide a wide variety of laminates, spot gloss UV varnishing and foiling options to bring your leaflet to life. For a more detailed explanation of our finishes, head over to our Specialist Finishes page.


There is no hard and fast rule for business leaflet design, it all depends on your brand guidelines and how you want your business to be seen! For example, if you’re a travel agency or holiday maker, you may want a leaflet that displays bright, vivid images of holiday destinations that ‘pop’ from the page. For this, we’d recommend a gloss lamination and a roll fold leaflet to store the information.

Whereas, corporate businesses may want to feature a matt lamination finish, as this is typically associated with premium brands. Together, we can print and mail business leaflets tailored to your exact requirements.

Call our team to have a chat about your business leaflet options and we’ll provide a free quote.

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Our service is dedicated to streamlining the print and mailing process to cut out the stuff you don’t need to worry about. All our operations are performed in-house under our rather large (85,000 sqft) roof. Get in touch with us today to talk through your business leaflets ideas and we can make them a reality. We can also provide nationwide delivery solutions and we use our local fleet to deliver across the south.

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  • With business leaflet printing, size does matter. If you’re looking to pop your leaflet in a standard envelope, the finished size must be either A5 (can be folded down from A4 or A3) or DL size (1/3 A4 folded).

  • Choose a paper stock that reflects the quality of your business! Paper that is too thin will not only show through the content from the other side, the pages may not stand upright for display purposes.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of durability! Apply lamination to strengthen your leaflet and alleviate the risk of marks, smudges and scratches.

  • Thicker paper is usually associated with higher quality. Most standard leaflets are printed on 115gsm - 150gsm, so if you want to achieve a higher quality feel consider 150gsm - 170gsm.