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Printed brochures remain one of the most popular and effective ways of marketing your business, product or service in an easy-to-read and engaging format. We offer a variety of brochure sizes and binding options for added versatility - ideal for any marketing channel.

At Bishops, everything is done under one roof, this means cost-effective print and mailing, on-time deliveries and consistent stock quality.


  • Full service provided: design, print and mailing
  • Consistently competitive pricing
  • Reliable delivery and quality
  • Fast, flexible and responsive turnaround
  • All the advice and support you need

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28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?


  • Everything is done under our roof for a service that is straightforward and stress-free
  • Prepress experts who are as committed as you are to ensuring your double-page spreads, images and layouts print exactly as you had intended.
  • Quick print turnarounds
  • Bespoke brochure quotes within two hours
  • A high-quality digital brochure printing company, with top range litho printing for larger print runs
  • We deliver to anywhere in the UK, delivering direct using our own fleet of unmarked vehicles across the south of England. A single UK delivery is included in the price, but split deliveries can be arranged for an additional charge.
  • Bespoke commercial print options
  • White label service for design and print industry professionals
  • Free print delivery to our own mailing house
  • You’ll receive all the expert advice and support you need, and we’ll personally handle all print and mailing projects.

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We offer a range of brochure sizes and stunning finishes to create a lasting impression with your customers.

For brochures, A5 is very popular but we also offer our own Bishops B5 size. Our in-house die-cutting technology means we can create some truly unique shapes and intriguing designs to help separate your business from the competition.

Take a look at our simple size guide to get an idea of what size suits your brochures and booklets:

A6 brochure printing – ideal for displaying bitesize information and imagery and handy for slipping into envelopes without the need to fold.

A5 brochure printing – definitely the most popular choice for brochure and booklet printing. It’s the perfect size for displaying text and imagery without compromising space. A5 brochure prints also fit into a standard C5 envelope for a low-cost delivery solution.

A4 brochure printing – commonly used for newsletters, annual reports, and menu printing, A4 brochure printing is a very versatile option.

Bishops B5 - our own bespoke brochure size. It’s 245mm (H) x 172mm (W) and adds a little something more bespoke and eye-catching than other A and B-sized options.

Square brochures - 210mm x 210mm is the standard size for a square brochure, but not the only size we print. Ideal if you want to create something a little bit different.


Staple-bound (saddle-stitched) - where the folded sheets are bound together using small, durable wire staples. Ideal for smaller brochures that feature a maximum of 64 pages. You can choose whether or not to use the same paper stock for the covers and internal pages (called self-cover brochures) or opt for a thicker cover stock.

Perfect-bound - this technique uses glue to bind the sheets of your brochure to the spine and is able to feature hundreds of pages. You can also add a special finish or lamination to your covers.

PUR-bound - a binding type that is suited to paper stocks over 130gsm. It is the strongest binding type and is well-suited to brochures featuring several hundred pages or thicker paper stock.

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Want to know what’s best for your brochure run? We offer two kinds of printing; litho printing (also known as offset printing) and digital printing. Both have their advantages...


Litho printing uses wet ink and aluminium printing plates and is typically used for large print runs (if you’re printing a thousand brochures for a university, for example).

It’s the traditional printing method and is suited to printing larger volumes at a faster and cheaper rate than digital. In terms of quality, litho is great for printing big blocks of solid colour and the colour will appear smoother and stronger than digital printing.

Key advantages of litho printing:

  • Faster and more cost-effective when producing large print runs (roughly 18,000 sheets per hour)
  • Ideal for printing large areas of solid colours
  • Litho can use pantone colours and special inks, such as metallic ink, to enhance your brochure


Digital printing, on the other hand, uses toners and ink to electronically produce an image and is more suitable for shorter print runs. The key difference with digital print is that your artwork is translated and transferred directly to the press without using printing plates.

One of the main benefits of digital printing is that it requires a lot less time to set up (unlike litho where your brochure design has to be made into printing plates) and removes those costs from the process.

Key advantages of digital printing:

  • Much faster for shorter print runs than litho printing, as no plates are required
  • Little to no drying time required
  • Cost-effective for shorter print runs
  • Great at upscaling low-res images and transferring them onto print products


It all depends on what you are printing, your quality expectations, personalisation requirements, how fast you need your prints and of course, your budget. As always, our team is here to help you select the most appropriate choice based on your requirements.


It’s not just our continued investment in market-leading technology that separates us from the competition, our entire process is done under one (rather large) roof. A single UK delivery price is included with every quote, but we also offer split deliveries.

For a hassle-free print and mailing process with all the support you need and quick turnarounds, we’re here to help. Please call or email our friendly team today for more information on our luxury brochure printing services in London, or for a fast, free quote.

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