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Printing booklets and programmes is one of our specialities! We work with 7/20 Premier League Football Clubs providing them expertly-printed programmes, as well as working closely with small businesses and local theatres and venues.


  • Full service provided: design, print and mailing
  • Consistently competitive pricing
  • Reliable delivery and quality
  • Fast, flexible and responsive turnaround
  • All the advice and support you need

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28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?

Our booklet printing in London:

Choose from a range of finishes and stock options to reflect an accurate and professional representation of your brand and business. When you partner with Bishops, you’ll receive a hassle-free booklet printing service in London and we guarantee quick turnarounds on your orders. If you’re new to the print industry, no problem, we’ll walk you through our process and your booklet printing options in London.

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  • Consistently competitive pricing
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Fast turnaround times in booklets in London
  • Personalised account management
  • We’re a family-run printers
  • Bespoke quotes in just two hours
  • White label service for trade customers

If you’d like to receive a sample of our products to view them up close, simply complete the form on this page and we’ll send your samples in the post.


We can shrink wrap, polywrap, print your full colour envelopes, carrier sheets or labels, and we’ll save you money on your postage! It's so much easier when everything is all under one roof, and there are no delivery charges when we deliver print to our own mailing house.

Why not explore our direct mail, data and storage services and discover how much easier and cost-effective print and mailing can be.


No problem. Our digital printing division uses high-end HP Indigo B2 and B3 digital printers to give you the kind of vibrant colours, vivid clarity and truly exceptional finished products that are usually only associated with offset litho printing. Our digitally printed brochures are the perfect high-quality solution for exhibitions, overseas meetings or emergency top-ups.


Gloss Lamination

Gloss offers a dazzlingly reflective finish to boost colours and add durability to your booklets. It’s high sheen qualities make images appear brighter and are fantastic for booklets that rely heavily on imagery. For a truly show-stopping finish, consider gloss laminated booklets from Bishops.

Major benefits include:

  • Increased shelf life
  • Lamination prevents cracking when folding or creasing
  • Completely seals the print, providing a level of water resistance

Soft Touch Laminate

For the ultimate in luxurious tactility, our soft touch laminate finish is a strong choice. Soft to the touch, this finish conveys quality instantly and will last long in your memory. Some examples where soft touch laminate finishes are typically used are in finance, law and fashion.

Although colours won’t have the same glossy sheen, colours will remain vibrant and add a real WOW factor to your booklet. Stick in the memories of your readers and select a soft touch laminate finish from Bishops.

Major benefits include:

  • Luxurious feel, velvety to touch
  • Helps to convey an up-market image
  • Ideal for premium brands
  • Works brilliantly with spot gloss UV varnish

Spot Gloss UV Varnish

Draw attention to specific areas of detail on your booklet with spot gloss UV varnishing. The technique allows you to highlight logos, text or images using a hard UV light. The light enhances the colours, making them appear shinier and more reflective, providing a striking appearance.

It is popularly combined with a matt stock to provide a truly unique and electric appearance.

  • Glossy coating, great for decorative effects
  • Use on matt stock for maximum impact
  • Reinforces perceptions of quality
  • May not be suitable for very small or intricate detailing
  • Allow a little extra turnaround time

Spot Matt UV Varnish

Used to highlight specific texts, imagery or logos in an unusual and eye-catching fashion. The finish is achieved by combining the spot matt UV varnish with a gloss background to create an unusual and striking contrast.

While it isn’t as popular as spot gloss UV varnishing, it’s a unique design that’s subtle and intriguing, once it’s in your customers’ hands, they’ll struggle to put it down!

You will need to allow a little extra turnaround time for this finish, but we promise the results are worth it.

Major benefits include:

  • Perfect for creating decorative effects
  • Use on gloss stock for maximum impact
  • Subtle but effective
  • Original and unexpected
  • UV coatings are environmentally friendly

You can also choose to add metallic inks and embossed sections to your booklets to highlight specific areas of interest. For more information on how this niche finishes can add something special to your London booklets, head over to our Specialist Finishes page.

All print and mailing solutions are performed in-house under one roof. A single UK delivery price is always included in your quote, but we also provide split deliveries for an extra charge.


  • 8 market-leading Heidelberg presses, including five 10-colour presses, giving you speed, capacity and reliability
  • Superior HP Indigo B2 and B3 printers for small print runs
  • Specialist in-house print finishing for greater control over quality and faster turnaround times
  • Inpress Control features on five of our presses for peace of mind when it comes to colour accurate printing
  • Waste reduction; Inpress Control enables us to use up to 100 sheets less on every make-ready, so good for the environment and productivity!

Free delivery to The Mailing People (it’s just around the corner from us), saving you time, money and saves on carbon emissions!

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If you’re new to the world of print and mailing and aren’t sure where to begin, we can help! Our booklet printing service in London provides a completely hassle-free and affordable service for our existing and new customers in London. We have just what you’re looking for all under one roof, and our technology and industry experience makes us one of the top printing and mailing companies in the UK.

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