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We’re the experts when it comes to printing and binding books in the UK. We offer a range of specialist finishes to bring your book to life and reflect the professionalism and/or creativity of your genre. Whether your print run is big or small, we can provide you with a bespoke quote in just two hours of you contacting our team via phone or email. All our books are printed under our rather large roof and we guarantee fast turnaround and delivery times across the UK.

Our team is always on-hand. Make every page count by making Bishops your printing partner today.


  • Full service provided: design, print and mailing
  • Consistently competitive pricing
  • Reliable delivery and quality
  • Fast, flexible and responsive turnaround
  • All the advice and support you need

Trusted by the Design industry

28% of our growing trade clients are marketing agencies and graphic designers, and they use our print and mailing services time and time again. If you’re a designer, why not make use of our free advice on paper stocks and specialist print finishing?


  • Great prices and fast turnarounds
  • Bespoke quotes for your book in just two hours
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Personalised account management - hassle-free book printing!
  • Family-run business for that personal touch
  • White label service for trade customers

If you would like to receive a sample of our finishes and stock options, we’d be more than happy to send you a few! Request your samples today.


We can shrink wrap, polywrap, print your full colour envelopes, carrier sheets or labels, and we’ll save you money on your postage! It's so much easier when everything is all under one roof, and there are no delivery charges when we deliver print to our own mailing house.

Why not explore our direct mail, data and storage services and discover how much easier and cost-effective print and mailing can be.


No problem. Our digital printing division uses high-end HP Indigo B2 and B3 digital printers to give you the kind of vibrant colours, vivid clarity and truly exceptional finished products that are usually only associated with offset litho printing. Our digitally printed brochures are the perfect high-quality solution for exhibitions, overseas meetings or emergency top-ups.


Perfect bound book printing is a fantastic option for customers looking for a durable and professional-looking binding solution. With perfect bound booking printing (PUR binding), the pages of your book are glued into the spine with a very strong glue. The spine lies flat and you will be able to print onto it, including titles and even small logos.

PUR bound books are often better suited to books with larger page numbers, but there is no hard and fast rule about this. If you’re unsure on what binding type is best for your booking printing needs, our team would be more than happy to help.

All our house stock is sourced directly from the mill, so we can guarantee pristine quality across all print runs, big or small.


The most versatile and affordable binding option, staple-bound books look fantastic, especially when combined with a gloss or matt finish. Staple binding is ideal for all books that don’t feature a large page count. Complete your book with a stock of your choice, we can help you decide on a weight to keep your readers turning pages.

Bear in mind that books that feature a high page count may not be suitable for staple binding. Instead, consider PUR bound book printing. We can help you make the right choice when you call or email our friendly team.


Your book isn’t complete without one of our specialist finishes. If you want your book cover to stand out amongst the crowd, we’d recommend combining your staple or PUR-bound book with one of our many specialist finishes.

Take a look below at what we offer..

Gloss Lamination

For a head-turning, dazzling finish, gloss is a very strong choice. Its reflective properties are ideal for books that feature large blocks of colour of lound and exciting imagery. Gloss laminated covers are also easy to wipe clean, ideal for children’s books or books that are designed to be handed around. Images will also appear crisp and bright, offering a truly professional appearance. Some examples where gloss lamination works well is in the travel, tourism and fashion industry.

But, don’t let that stop you! We can apply gloss finishes to any book.

Major benefits include:

  • Increase durability and shelf life
  • Lamination prevents cracking when folding or creasing
  • Minor water resistance thanks to the sealing properties

Soft Touch Laminate

Subtle, elegant and instantly memorable, soft-touch laminate, as the name suggests, offers a soft touch. This type of finish is often associated with luxury brands due to its unusual and high-quality texture.

Interested in this unusual finish? Get in touch with our team to start printing!

Major benefits include:

  • Luxurious feel, velvety to touch
  • Very unique, a truly distinctive finish
  • Ideal for premium brands
  • Combine with spot gloss UV for a striking contrast

Spot Gloss UV Varnish

Pinpoint areas of your book cover with spot gloss UV varnish for the ultimate attention-grabber. This finish works by selecting titles, logos or images (that you select) and highlighting them using a hard UV light to create a striking appearance. This type of finish works best when combined with an opposing stock (such as matt) as it draws all attention to the targeted area.

Bear in mind that this type of finish is not ideal for intricate details and is better suited to bigger images, logos and texts.

A loud finish, instantly recognisable Use on silk or matt stock for unique contrast Allow a little extra turnaround time - we promise it’s worth it!

Spot Matt UV Varnish

This finish follows a similar process to spot gloss UV varnishing, in that certain areas (images, titles, logos etc) can be highlighted to stand out from the rest of the book cover. Matt finishes are more muted and offer a subtle, intriguing appearance. While it’s not as obvious as gloss UV varnishing, it encourages people to get a little closer to inspect. Great for premium brands.

Like with spot gloss UV varnishing, please allow slightly more time for us to print and deliver your books with this finish. We guarantee that the results are well worth it.

Major benefits include:

  • Perfect for creating decorative effects
  • Use on gloss stock for maximum impact
  • Subtle but effective
  • Original and unexpected UV coatings are environmentally friendly

That’s not all, we provide other niche finishes to complete your book, including metallic inks and embossing. Metallic inks offer subtle effect and are better-suited to intricate designs and calligraphy, whereas embossing raises up parts of the page to add emphasis and dimension through creating shadows and highlights. When using embossing, we’d recommend sticking between 200-300gsm; while you can go lower, we wouldn’t recommend it, as it will likely impact the quality of your book cover.

For the full breakdown of our finishes, take a look at our Specialist Finishes page.

As always, all book printing services are printed under our (rather large) roof by our experienced staff and top of the range technology. We also provide nationwide deliveries (and split deliveries for an extra charge).

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Our team are on hand to help with all your brochure printing requirements. Either call us, or send us an email via our quote page and we'll be happy to help with everything you need.


For custom book printing services that combine industry experience,

If this is the first book you have published, you may not be used to working with a printing partner, which is why we offer a personalised service to make printing and delivering your books easier. Not sure whether your travel book needs a gloss or matt finish? We can help, confused about stock and paper weight? No problem, we’ll talk you through your options so you can make the right choice.

With nationwide delivery, quick turnaround times and bespoke quotes in just two hours, we offer the most comprehensive book printing service.

Get in touch with our team today to start printing your staple or perfect bound books today.


You may not be too familiar with the print industry or how it works, which is where we can help! As a family-run business, we love building personal relationships with our clients and customers and offer personalised account management, to take the stress out of print. With nationwide delivery services and fast turnaround times, you won’t find a better print and mailing company to handle your brochures.

Contact us today for a bespoke quote in just two hours or for more information on how we can transform your marketing campaign.


  • If you want your brochure, prospectus or catalogue to lie flat when you open it out, we recommend you opt for saddle stitch (staple) binding.

  • Be aware that once you get beyond 64-80 pages (depending on the paper stock) your brochure or catalogue will become too bulky to fold neatly using saddle stitch binding.

  • If you’re producing a high-end brochure or annual report and the spine will be at least 3mm wide, perfect binding will add to the perception of quality, authority and professionalism

  • With perfect bound brochures, make sure your designer prepares the artwork so that page content isn’t sucked into the spine and images that spread across adjacent pages aren’t distorted.

  • If you have a high page count or choose paper stock of 130 gsm or more, we recommend PUR binding, for a more robust and durable brochure or catalogue

  • Print is a tactile, sensual experience. Your decision on paper stock needs to reflect the feeling and perception you want to achieve with your publication.


  • We have 8 market-leading Heidelberg presses, including five 10-colour presses, for enhanced speed, capacity, and reliability
  • Superior HP Indigo B2 and B3 printers for small print runs
  • Specialist in-house print finishing for greater control over quality and faster turnaround times
  • Inpress Control features on five of our presses for peace of mind when it comes to colour accurate printing
  • Waste reduction; Inpress Control enables us to use up to 100 sheets less on every make-ready, so good for the environment and productivity!

If you want to post out your books, we offer free delivery to The Mailing People (it’s just around the corner from us), saving you time, money and saves on carbon emissions!

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