Jargon buster

Print terminology can be confusing and intimidating. It's one of the reasons you'll always be able to speak to someone over the phone at Bishops to help you.

Saddle stitch

A binding process in which a pamphlet or booklet is stapled through the middle fold of its sheets using metal wires.


The process of converting a hard copy into digital data ready for editing and design. The quality of the scan is dependent on the quality of the original, the scanning equipment and software as well as the experience of the operator!


A pressed mark in a sheet of paper or card to make folding cleaner and easier.


The paper used inside a booklet is the same as that used for the cover and is generally printed on the same press run.


An area on the page which is completely covered by the ink.

Spot colour

Spot colour is not made using the process colours. Instead the colour is printed using an ink made exclusively. Each spot colour therefore requires its own separate printing plate. Spot colours do not apply to digital printing as the printing devices can only reproduce from the four process colours; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


Two or more adjoining pages that would appear in view on sheet.


A term used to describe the positioning of documents several times onto the same sheet of paper to avoid paper wastage. It's also known as imposition.


A term for the material any project is printed onto.