Jargon buster

Print terminology can be confusing and intimidating. It's one of the reasons you'll always be able to speak to someone over the phone at Bishops to help you.


A violet-red or purplish-red colour, magenta is one of the four process colours. The others are cyan, yellow and (key) black.


The work associated with the set-up of printing equipment before running a job.


A non glossy finish.

Metal plate

A metal sheet with a specially coated 'emulsion' on its surface which, when exposed through a film mask or by CTP process, will produce an image. When the plate is loaded onto a printing press it then reproduces this image using inks onto the paper.


Instrument used for measuring the thickness of paper.

Moiré pattern

An undesirable grid-like pattern caused by the misalignment of dots on a printed document. this can occur when printing or sometimes when scanning from pre-printed material.