COVID-19 Business Update

Last updated November 2020

While the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve and create significant uncertainty, I believe it is important to give clarity and reassurance regarding our own situation and approach. At Bishops Printers and our mailing division, The Mailing People, we have remained fully operational throughout. However, the safety and welfare of our staff is paramount and we have taken a number of steps to protect them and our business capability.


Our paper supply is as secure as it can be. All supplies, including paper, are quarantined for 24 hours or disinfected before use. We aren't quite back to being a 24/7 operation, but are looking forward to doing so in the coming weeks. If you have any concerns about turnaround times for a particular project, do get in touch.

In addition to the recommended safe-guards to protect our staff from infection, we have closed the factory to all non-production staff, and introduced dedicated entry, exit and sanitisation points for all our teams to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection. Contact between departmental bubbles has been restricted to our meeting rooms, where socially distanced meetings can take place under our new anti-coronavirus protocols.


Our own delivery fleet continues to operate across the south of England, but under a revised 'no contact' protocol. We regret this will restrict their ability to offer their usual above and beyond service at the delivery destination. Additional protective measures for our drivers and customers include, the supply of gloves to all drivers and the requirement to disinfect their cab at the start and end of a shift.

Uninterrupted service

While the Coronavirus continues to cause some suppliers to temporarily close their doors or scale back capacity, Bishops is able to provide you with in-house finishing and mailing house services to reduce your risk of service interruption.

Site visits

We regret that site visits for press passes, personal tours and sales meetings are prohibited for the duration of the pandemic. Essential visits and meetings can take place at Bishops Printers subject to each participant returning a Visitor Permit form, which is subsequently authorised, at least 24 hours ahead of the meeting. 



Hand sanitising stations have been established throughout the business, and extra soap has been placed in washrooms. Our on-site staff are being reminded throughout the day to clean their hands frequently and thoroughly. Each member has been issued with a COVID handbook and extra health and safety posters have been put up across the site.

Our team

We have implemented ‘social distancing’ with staff who remain onsite because the nature and performance of their role means they are unable to work from home. This includes dedicated entrance and exit points for different departments and the closure of communal facilities. In addition, our senior management team continues to meet daily to ensure a rapid response to any and all developments.


If you have any concerns regarding work placed or about to be placed with us, please contact us straight away and we will be pleased to advise and reassure you.

Thank you for your on-going business and support during this time. It is very much appreciated and we're here to help in any way we can.

Gareth Roberts
Managing Director
Bishops Printers