Organisational changes announced

A personal message from Managing Director, Gareth Roberts

I read 'Z for Zachariah' as a boy at school. It was a dystopian novel and I don’t quite remember it, but I think if I reread it now some of the themes might feel a little relevant to our current times. However, the last ten days have been so surreal and worrying, I doubt it’s the light reading I need to raise my spirits.

What has been heartening, is the response of staff and clients alike to this suddenly altered climate.

I only want to stay operational if I can also look in the mirror and know that I have done the right things to keep the staff we have left on site safe and well. There are fewer of them as we temporarily furlough some good people, but we hope to welcome them all back soon, and in the meantime, the rest of us have a duty to preserve the business and look produce some important work for essential businesses and organisations.

To that end, if we are able to assist you with a print or mailing requirement I would ask you to contact us via as this will ensure the swiftest response to any enquiry.

Our teams have responded to our new circumstances with passion towards the business and an unwavering desire to see us survive this period. As always, but especially right now, we really appreciate your support.

Equally, if you are in a period of hibernation at the moment, we understand and, as one business to another, we offer you our heartfelt best wishes, and hope to serve you again at some stage in the future.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Gareth Roberts
Managing Director