IPIA Code of Practice

Bishops Printers is a member of the Independent Print Industries Association (membership no' 415 06 07). The IPIA's code of practice is integral to IPIA membership and the IPIA Certification scheme. 

Insurance Cover. Members shall, unless legally exempt, have the following appropriate insurance cover:

  • Employer’s Liability, Public Liability, Product Liability, and to display certificates as legally required
  • Any other insurance considered appropriate for the protection of the business. (e.g. business continuity, business protection insurance).

Ethics. Members shall:

  • Confirm that none of the Directors or persons with significant control appears on the Companies
    House disqualified list
  • Display, demonstrate and represent their products and services fairly avoiding deceptive or misleading
  • Only employ personnel legally entitled to work in the UK and pay at least the National Minimum
    Wage/National Living Wage (as relevant)

Personnel. Members shall:

  • Conduct induction training for new personnel
  • Identify and implement training to ensure personnel are competent to perform their work tasks
    Identify and implement any training necessary for personnel working on behalf of the member (e.g. job-related outsourcing)

Customers and Suppliers. Members shall:

  • Abide by all contractual agreements or arrangements with Suppliers and Customers
  • Protect and maintain control of any confidential information received from Supplier or Customer even if it becomes available in the public domain
  • Take responsibility for any sub-contractor or outsource operation
  • Ensure that any complaint will be investigated, dealt with in an effective and timely manner and, where appropriate, action taken to prevent recurrence
  • Agree that if the complaint is between IPIA members and cannot be amicably resolved then the customer and the IPIA will be informed in writing. If both parties agree, the IPIA will appoint an Independent Arbitrator whose decision will be final and binding on both parties

Quality Assurance. Members shall have:

  • A system for identifying and meeting Customer requirements, whether this is defined or implied
  • A system for ensuring that products meet Customer requirements and that records are maintained

IPIA Requirements. Members shall:

  • Display the signed Code of Practice/Certificate of Conformance at their premises and on their website
  • Abide by and comply with all the rules made by the IPIA and the Council in the proper discharge of Association business
  • Accept that the IPIA Council is empowered to enforce this Code of Practice and to consider any complaints made against a Member and to act accordingly

Legal Compliance Declaration
Members shall undertake to take all reasonable and practicable steps to comply with relevant legal/regulatory requirements applicable within the UK, including for example:

  • Company Law, Financial Practices, Employment Law
  • Health & Safety Law, Environment Legislation, Information Security Legislation