Our promise to you

We will always strive to improve our environmental performance. That includes:

  • Ensuring we comply with existing and future environmental legislation.
  • Identifying harmful environmental effects that arise from our business and seeking to reduce them.
  • Re-using and recycling all materials wherever practical.
  • Providing environmental training for our staff and encouraging them to apply good environmental practice.
  • Working and liaising with everyone who has an interest in our company and the environment (our customers, suppliers, our own staff and the environmental agencies).
  • Discussing environmental issues regularly at the highest management levels.
  • Encouraging our suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices.

FSC Certified

We only uses FSC certified paper. This means it has been sourced from sustainably managed forests and its site of origin is proven and traceable. Bishops Printers is also FSC certified, so you can continue the FSC chain of evidence through your printed products, if you choose to do so.