We’re not the sort of company to pay lip service to our environmental responsibilities; we take them seriously.

All waste materials are recycled; aluminium plates, metal ink tins and plastic ink cartridges, the ink itself, paper, cardboard, plastic wrapping and even the wood from our pallets. You can find out more below, but why not book a site tour with us and see for yourself?

Our promise

We will always strive to improve our environmental performance and, in particular, we will:

  • Ensure that we comply with existing and future environmental legislation
  • Liaise and work with everyone who has an interest in our company and the environment (our customers, suppliers, our own staff and the environmental agencies)
  • Identify and seek to reduce any harmful environmental effects which arise from our business
  • Minimise, re-use and recycle all materials wherever practical
  • Provide environmental training for our staff and encourage them to apply good environmental practice
  • Discuss environmental issues regularly at the highest management levels
  • Encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices

This is what we do

Aluminium plates

All used plates are collected by our licensed waste carrier and are recycled. No plates are stored and they are all remade, therefore reducing the use of chemicals to clean and reuse them.

CTP (Computer to Plate)

All plates are produced using our Computer to Plate machines, thus reducing the use of film and the chemicals required for them.

Ink tins

These are crushed and recycled. The inks used are vegetable-based.


All plastic ink containers and plastic protective wrap from paper pallets are crushed and collected for recycling.

CD / DVD cases

Inserts & inlays are removed for recycling and plastic is collected, then granulated and recycled.


Waste is segregated, recycled and reused. All chemicals are collected by J&G Environmental, accredited waste disposal experts. They then dispose of them in the most environmentally-friendly way.


We have replaced our fluorescent and halogen factory lights with LED lighting, reducing our carbon footprint by 462,826 Kg per year.

Sustainable energy

124 Solar panels cover our 85,000 square foot roof, reducing our use of fossil fuels and our carbon footprint by offsetting 2,842 tonnes of CO2 per year. 


Our plate-making machinery uses water technology to reduce the use of chemicals. All company vehicles are diesel to minimise our CO2 emissions. When purchasing our newest 10-colour presses we invested in Inpress Control, which cuts our start-up waste by one third. As existing machines are replaced, we will continue to minimise waste by purchasing Inpress Control, which is an optional extra.